5/6 January, 2018

5: It’s been a truly shitty morning, day. Dealing with one fucking idiot after another.

Then this.
Weeping. I just can’t today.

Gary used to ask me why I liked listening to this song* when it made me cry every single time. “Because it’s beautiful. It makes me feel, sharply.”
“Don’t you do that if I go first,” he said. “Don’t you follow me into the dark. Stay bright, stay glittery. Stay in the light.”

Goddammit I miss you.

*https://youtu.be/aoR0mGq_z2I Deathcab for Cutie “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

6: From yesterday.

I was at work, dealing with grief and a hefty serving of mixed state depression/dysphoria. It’s lifted, some, but lingers.

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