29 August, 2018

I still have the socks I knitted for Gary, that first pair of hospital socks. Like everything about my husband, writ large. He had self-described “Hobbit feet”; size 10.5EEEEEE. Kinda like having tissue boxes for shoes. I had finally convinced him that handknitted wool socks would neither be itchy nor uncomfortable. I let him put ones that I had knitted for my ownself on his hands so he could check. He never trusted implicitly, never believed anyone at first glance because you know, he was smarter than everyone else.

The colorway I chose was called The Audacity Of Hope. I bought it during President Obama’s 2008 campaign, part of the money from my purchase went towards the campaign. We were audacious for hoping, audacious for thinking that this could solve our problems. And it did for a while.

The Audacity of Hope, gorgeous #bfl#bluefacedeicester #handdyed #superwash #merino#wool #sockyarn from #blackbunnyfibers soon to be made into #handknitted #socks for my husband.

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