victress. 11:14pm 26th may, 2020

i have harnessed my rage,
my dysphoria
my fear.
twisting down deep
needling in not a pinprick, no
this particular prey has been waiting
today, too much.
time to stick it straight through the eye and into the brain
destroy it so efficiently
so completely
so, so.
that even an offender this egregious this
deserving of wrath this
necessarily murderous preciseness
so fucking dense that volcanic fury is all that will forever make him think twice
and again,
and again.
he knows my passion,
whet it.
words on a screen are nothing to the maelstrom that i bring in the flesh.
i kept going, calling him out for every transgression.
i paid out enough rope for him to not only hang himself
but macrame a body bag.
and boy howdy did he deliver.
i launched my final assault, knowing i’d need no more.

do i hope i got through?
do i care?
yes, not for him, but for the countless women he will no doubt woo and offend.
truly believing
bitches be crazy.

he’s right.
bitches be crazy.
but we’re not stupid.

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