634p 3rd july 2020

I want things.

There, I said it. I want things.

I am so tired of wanting and wanting and wanting.
I am so tired holding my own hands and hugging my ownself.
I am so tired of being exhausted at the thought of cooking a meal for one person.
I am so tired of all of the things that I am supposed to be doing filling my head to the exclusion of all else almost all the time.
I am so tired of the noise.
I am so tired of being woken up in the middle of the night by my own sadness.
I am so tired of being so tired.

I want things.
I want to not be so tired.
I want to not worry about all of the things all of the time.
I want to see a request for penpals in a nursing home in North Carolina and not burst into tears at the thought that that will be me someday,
alone in a nursing home,
begging for a penpal.
That everything about me will be written on a piece of poster board,
begging for a pen pal.
“Lysa loves cats,
existential conversation,
the color purple,
and monster trucks.
Won’t you please write to her?
the hopeful smile on my face
plastered there for so long
(no one wants to be friends with a mean old lady so i smile)
no matter how hard it is
no matter how alone i am, have been.

I am so tired.
I am tired of knowing that as much as everything is already crashing down around me
that it will only get worse for the ignoring of it,
the putting off of everything possible
and many things that are not

i am so tired of faking pleasantry and ease
i am exhausted dodging “how are YOU???”
sidestepping directly into “what can i do for you today?”
avoiding, bobbing, weaving
slipping out from under the hammer of
my extended silence and thrumming tears not enough of a delicacy for some
i’ve said this before,
my pain must be delicious.
michelin quality.
galaxy class.

i fucking hate spring. 9 march, 2020

I hate spring.

I hate spring so fucking much.
Especially since i love all the flowers.

I fucking hate spring.

It’s the weirdest thing, what happens to people’s faces when you say
“i hate spring”
it’s like you’ve said “I EAT KITTENS ALIVE. WITH HOT SAUCE.”
like how could you hate spring?
even the fucking name SPRING
fuck you.

i never knew it was a thing, a valid thing that it wasn’t only me
not until i was thirty.
not until i read
An Unquiet Mind
saw that it was a familiar, if not common symptom of bipolar disorder,
like self-medicating (check!)
poor impulse control (doubling down!!)
hypersexuality (triple-whammy checkaroonie!!!)

All of the manic, growing energy of the Northern Hemisphere
and Mother(fucking) Nature (you malevolent cunt) going balls to the wall
sending roots deep into the earth
budding leaves reaching for the sky
grow grow GROW
the very air hums as if electrified
is electrified
amplifying every atom, every nuance of mood
every paranoid, unworthy thought
it is taking enormous effort
exquisite pain
to bridle this rage, this beast.
you can’t possibly be worthy
not you.

Not. You.

i fucking hate spring.

but summer’s worse.