More Than Two. 25 August, 2018

More data is always better. Telling is always better. Being told is always better than finding out, discovering secrets. Especially when there are such deep truths that once uncovered, need the light of day, need to breathe and be nurtured. Knowing is always better, even when the truth seems impossible, unwieldy. Polyamory is real, is valid.

To my partners; past, present, and future: the answer is always more data. It is why I always present my self in my entirety, the whole ride through Adventureland: my pitfalls as well as my heights, my topography and menu, my as-yet-unknowns. No unwelcome surprises, nothing unexpected, yet there always is the promise of much to discover. While I am complex and sweet and tantalizing and addicting, you will always know where you stand with me. Always.

If you recognize yourself, this is for you. If I love you (and I do) you can tell me anything. Everything. Always.

Read the words. Listen to the music. Read the book. Accept yourself as I have. Love, and love more.

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