11:13a, 26 april, 2019

The promises of normalcy
Quietly withdrawn, scattered
This to me is the most disappointing of all, the most heartbreaking

I understand
I understand
I understand.

I understand the desire, I understand what you were looking for.
I understand you did not expect to find me.
I understand that I am your Muse whether you know it or not (you do know it though)
I understand the intensity, the depths of feeling
and all of the unknown unknowns that attend it.

I understand feeling out of control, tethered to something completely foreign in feel
I understand not wanting to name that, either.

The silence may be the hardest thing of all.
Especially since you promised you would never do that.

(more promises.)

I understand.

My patience may be Legion,
But my heart is always open, and there may not be room when you are ready.

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